Our CSA …

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members pay up-front to provide the farmer with capital at the beginning of the season.  The concept of “community support” also guarantees farmers an outlet for their products.  In exchange, members get fresh, local produce and an intimate connection to the people growing their food.  In an era of dwindling family farms, CSAs are enabling many small-scale operations throughout the country to maintain economic viability.  For us, the CSA provides consistent income that allows us to invest in the future of our farm.  So why join our CSA?  Besides forming a connection with the farm, members experience the joys of eating with the seasons.  There is nothing better than the flavor of fresh, healthy food.  Members receive a newsletter containing recipes, photos, and stories from the farm.  The recipes make using all those yummy veggies easy and exciting.

Our CSA is great for people who want to support local, organic farmers and eat the freshest produce.

How Our CSA Works

CSA members purchase a share which they use throughout the growing season.  We send out a newsletter on Mondays with the list of produce that is available that week.  Members logon to our online ordering app and place their orders (the app opens Monday at noon and closes Thursday at noon each week).  On Saturday mornings we deliver the orders to a parking lot in central Tulsa.  As members drive through, we bag up their individual orders and place them in their cars.  The pick-up times vary with the seasons but are generally from 8:00 to 11:00.  Folks can order as often or as little as they like, and can also order as much or as little produce as they want each time they come.  As members pick out their produce over the course of the season, the online ordering app automatically subtracts their weekly selections from their credit balance. 

We strive for a high variety of produce throughout the spring and summer seasons, though we consistently grow seasonal staples (like lettuce and tomatoes).  A major benefit to this program is its flexibility.  If you go on vacation your balance will be waiting for you when you return.  Our season typically begins the first Saturday of April and ends Labor Day Weekend.  There are approximately 22 weeks in our season, so if you purchase a $200 share that is equivalent to buying $10 a week worth of produce.  You can always add to your balance at any point should you use it all before the end of the season.  Any share balances remaining at the end of the season will be donated in produce to local food banks. 

Most Saturdays we have a table with extra veggies that you can add to your order if you want.  Just think of the CSA as an addition to your weekly routine, a way of substituting your grocery store vegetable shopping.  We hope you find yourself looking forward to Saturday mornings to get fresh produce!

How to Join

Just send us an email (farmers[at]threespringsfarm.com) to let us know you are interested.